Our course platform, TalentLMS, also offers a mobile App - available for IOS and Android devices. If you have difficulty engaging with the ICAM modules online, the ability to continue learning while not connected to the internet is one of the biggest benefits of using the TalentLMS mobile app. You can download any course and study while disconnected. Then, when you’re back online, your progress will automatically get synchronized with the TalentLMS cloud servers. Search your IOS or Android device app store for "TalentLMS" to get started.

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The International Companion Animal Management Coalition

Note: The ICAM Dog Population Management courses (Implementing DPM & DPM for Policymakers) are currently available in English and will soon be available in six additional languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Bosnian and Russian).

The International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) coalition

ICAM member organisations support the development and use of humane and effective companion animal population management worldwide.